8 thoughts on “ A Massive Vat Filled With Liquified Stomach Tissue - Ovaryrot - Licentious Hysterectomy (CDr) ”

  1. Tutilar says:
    Type: Full-length Release date: November 13th, Catalog ID: HD Version desc.: CD-R, Limited edition Label: Human Discount Records Format: CD Limitation.
  2. Zuluzshura says:
    Nov 13,  · Licentious Hysterectomy () by Ovaryrot. Labels: Human Discount Records. Songs: Defiled, Degraded and Cremated After Being Stripped of Purity, Forced Oral Sex on a Spinal Cord, Slitting the Skin Until the Embryo Is Unveiled, Face Smashed in by a Cinderblock, Replacing the Eyes with Mangled Chunks of Intestine, Stabbed Repeatedly with a Rusted Knife Purified by Piss and Stomach .
  3. Douktilar says:
    Oct 09,  · Puzzle of Gore () [Compilation] by Ovaryrot. Labels: Human Discount Records. Songs: Christened from the Stench of Malted Flesh, Consumption of Embryonic Fluid from Still Births, Filling the Empty Eye Sockets with Semen, Severely Decomposed Genitals, Destruction of the Ribcage by Sledgehammer, Shards of Broken Bone Rupture the Lung Sacks.
  4. Mazilkree says:
    forced feeding or irrigation through a tube passed into the stomach is called. gavage. the combing for for the first part of the large intestine is fermentation vat of ruminants. rumen. gloss/0 and lingu/0 mean. tongue. or/0 and stomat/0 mean The tongue is connected to the dorsal surface of the oral cavity by a band of cennective tissue.
  5. Kesida says:
    The stomach mucosa’s epithelial lining consists only of surface mucus cells, which secrete a protective coat of alkaline mucus. A vast number of gastric pits dot the surface of the epithelium, giving it the appearance of a well-used pincushion, and mark the entry to each gastric gland, which secretes a complex digestive fluid referred to as gastric juice.
  6. Dimi says:
    Apr 29,  · Blister-like sores on the lips & adjacent facial tissue that are caused by the oral herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1); very common virus Hiatal hernia hiat = opening; -al = pertaining to A condition in which a portion of the stomach protrudes upward .
  7. Nek says:
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  8. Mesho says:
    Why doesn't the stomach digest itself? a. stomach is protected by HCl. b. stomach lining is too tough to be digested c. digestive enzymes in the stomach aren't efficient enough d. stomach wall lacks proteins so enzymes won't attack it. e. stomach wall is protected by large amounts of mucus.

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